Friday, October 29, 2010

Sandwhich @ Subway

Thanks to YTL, my house area are developing become more and more restaurant, bank and condo. I prefer healthy sandwich for my lunch, since this is newly open at my house within walking distance, i decide to give it a try.

Don't like me so embarrassing, I stuck there for awhile just to look at the freshness vegetable, meat and few types of sauces. There also having a different sandwich promotion in different day.

Oppss, not only you can choose your topping, even you can choose your favourite bread. This is the ham version with chili and mayonnaise topping.

Slices chicken with mustard and mayonnaise sauce, not a good choice. The ham still superb. I will go there more and more often just is not a fattening food.

Fish head noodle @ Jalan Tiong Nam

I'm a fish head noodle fans, whenever i hear a good review, i will definitely search high and down to crave for it. This shop is located at Jalan Tiong Nam, a corner shop, if you are coming from KL side towards chow kit area, once you see Old Town Kopitiam, immediately you turn in, the shop just a stone away from you. There is also a small market around that road.
Except from Clay pot fish head noodle, they also serve Bah Kut Teh. Today I'm gonna share with you this noodle. First time I'm seeing the noodle soup with yam, this is the reason why people give good comment, if you are a yam lover, do try this. Sad to say. this is not my version.

There are a lot of stuff inside, got fish, fish ball, calm, fujuk. Wow...that's a lot. Unlike usual it only provide either fish paste, fish nor fish head.

So, lets go to try, wait no more!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Seng Lee Kopitiam @ Damansara Height

If you want a bowl of delicious pork noodle with pork lard? Or a plate of char kuew teoy? How about an uncle from selling yummylicious rojak from motorbike and now change to Van? Yes! This is the place i wanted to tell you, Seng Lee Kopitiam located at Damansara Height. Except from the above food, they do selling wantan mee, curry mee.

Pork Noodle
- Since young i already addicted to pork noodle, i have no idea bout it. This place is my all time favourite pork noodle, can you see the pork lard? The soup was sweet and nice.

Char Kuey Teow

- If you not a pork noodle fans, how about CKT? A lot of prawn and cockles. I heard this is halal food, i did saw malay guy packing but not sure is for own self eating or other people.

Fruit Rojak

- Fruit rojak also the top food in my list. I remembered my 1st job, every Friday, an uncle selling very very nice fruit rojak, almost every Friday i pack home for my family too. I discovered this stall when i start my 2nd job, what a coincident.

Maiu @ Damansara Perdana

Maiu is located at Damansara Perdana, there also has a branch at PJ uptown. This restaurant had changed name from Umaiya to MAIU recently. Design, food are the same just the name had change.

Sashimi Moriawase
- Very reasonable price for this fresh sashimi, quite thick though.

Crunchy Avocodo Maki
- True enough is so crunchy.

Tempura Udon

Sizzling Mix Seafood set
- This set come with miso soup, rice, salad and fruits. Trust me, this is so good, every time I'm here, this is must order food.

Wasabi Ice Cream
- Anyone try this before? Green tea and black sesame i was too bored, but this is nice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

K.T.Z Food @ Kepong

K.T.Z is a famous dessert shop need not further introduce. There selling from hot to cold, double boil dessert for beauty, all times famous sang gor lou, and snacks

Bread Crab Roll
- Deep fry bread wrap and cheese, ham and crabstick

Hai kou
- Deep fry miced pork with salty egg yolk

Sorry, i got no idea what is this. According to my friend, this is deep fry yam wrap with fish. Can see, i love fry snacks more than steam

The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley

I spotted this restaurant quite sometimes ago. Very easy to locate, just beside HK fei chui at the ground floor. Very near to The Famous Amos Chips.

Asparagus Soup @ RM3.50
- I never try asparagus soup, i even can't imagine. Is too salty for this version? or suppose to be like that, i have no idea, anyone can tell me please?

Chicken sausage @ RM10.99
- Very normal but long chicken sausage. I prefer the mash potato but not the gravy. My friend said i don't know how to enjoy, because i ate mash potato without gravy.

Beef Spaghetti @ RM9.80
- Just the picture itself, you can see they don't stingy about the minced beef, very strong pepper, if you like spicy food, go for it.

Meatball Spaghetti @ RM11.80
- Just the color is nice for this spaghetti, no taste at all. Not good!!
Overall i think all the food are average and most important are the price are cheap too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ice room @ Tmn Shamelin, Cheras

I was introduced by my friend to this Ice room at Taman Shamelin Perkakas, Cheras. A very nice and comfortable place for friends gathering, meeting or even Party. There have variety of foods and drinks, this round we only choose to drink as we are full in 1st round.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie
- Fruits juice always depend on the fruit, i can say this dragon fruit not sweet and the i still can drink some very very small ice cube.

- I don't know what name for this beauty dessert as this come FOC

Snow Ice Yam

Snow Ice Durian

Snow Ice Fresh Strawberry

Snow Ice Black Sesame
- Wow.. i love this, sesame with peanut and little bit jelly on top

Snow Ice Sweet Potato Yam